“We only take on a limited number
of clients per year so that you receive
the highest level of service”

Lucent VIP was formed in 2010 to cater specifically for
busy individuals and businesses in need of a discreet and
professional computer support service.

We specialise in ensuring your privacy is always kept that way–private.

We are different to your local computer support firm for many reasons.
Our team of qualified Consultants are carefully selected and vetted to ensure they can professionally cater for any requirement you may have. They are Microsoft Certified and more importantly, these qualifications are backed up with a solid professional background and many years experience in working for major companies and high profile clients around the UK and abroad.

We understand that you want to be able to contact the same person
day in, day out, so your consultant will work with you for the
duration of your engagement with us.

Our service is completely confidential,
akin to the relationship between a doctor and patient.

Your privacy is our utmost concern and we will ensure
that is this never compromised.