With Lucent, you’ll have a dedicated consultant available around the clock to resolve any computer-related issue you may have, large or small, including:

  • virus removal
  • slow or sluggish response
  • internet connectivity
  • retrieving deleted files
  • computers that won’t even start

Whatever your problem, we’re here to help. We can purchase new equipment and software on your behalf and install it in your home or office ready for you to use. We also provide an emergency loan replacement laptop to keep you working when problems arise.

All our work takes place in your home or office environment for added peace of mind that your data is always secure and not taken off the premises. What’s more, your dedicated consultant will travel to any location in the world to support you and keep your business running.

If your business already has its own IT/computer support service, you may be wondering ‘why use us?’

While we’re fully equipped and certified to support your business, we’re equally at home providing support to individuals. Many of us prefer to keep our personal life separate from our working life, and we often find that our clients do not want work colleagues to attend their homes to resolve computer problems, or don’t feel that it’s appropriate.

Or you may simply feel that you’re not getting the right expertise or level of service from your existing computer support company.

We can help you with

Health Check and Optimisation

Over time, all computers tend to fill up with old files and junk, and this starts to hinder performance. We can clear up these files and make your computer run much faster.

Viruses, Spyware and Malware removal

Malware is malicious software designed to secretly access your computer without your consent. It can run in the background without you ever knowing it’s there, collecting information like passwords and banking security codes. We can locate and remove this software, and protect your PC from malware attacks.

Setting up wireless internet WIFI

We will ensure your wireless network is highly secure, preventing anyone from snooping or using your internet illegally.

Data recovery / Crashed Computers

If you have deleted an important file or your computer has crashed leaving you unable to access your important pictures/documents then we have the latest tools to recover all your data safely.

Networking / Sharing Printers

We can set up a simple network in your home which would enable everyone to share the same printer or easily share files and photos.

New computer Set-Up

If you have just bought a new computer we can set it up for you and install the latest software to get you up and going with no fuss. We can even transfer your data from your old computer to the new one and securely dispose of your old computer if required.

Installing new software

We can purchase and install new software on your behalf.

All our work is 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction.