“Everyone has something to hide. No one wants to be filmed 24 hours a day or have their activities and preferences, medical records, financial data and other personal information accessible to the rest of the world" Source: Computerweekly.com

You need to be in control of the data on your computer and mobile devices at all times.
At Lucent VIP, we ensure that confidential information remains exactly that, offering complete peace of mind so you no longer have to worry about data theft or security violations.

Our services include:

Professional military grade data encryptionWe can recommend and install software that scrambles the data on your computer so that no one can gain access to it in the event of loss or theft. The software is so advanced that the data is completely invisible and inaccessible to anyone who attempts to read it
This software has the added advantage of being able to present fake data in the event you are forced to reveal the password.

We can also encrypt the devices you use to store data, like USB sticks, portable hard drives,
and CDs.

Anonymous Web SurfingNormally when you use the Internet, your location is logged and tracked by your Internet Service Provider as well as the sites you are visiting. They can see every site you visit, every page you view and every file you download, and they often keep these logs for a substantial period of time.

We can provide you with software that makes your web browsing 100% anonymous and totally invisible on the Internet.

Secure Telephone ConversationsIf you need to be confident that your phone calls are secure and tap-proof then we can help.
Your conversations can be scrambled to military grade level ensuring that your business and private calls are completely private and secure.